Moving to Naples & Looking forward to your winter house in Florida?

Looking forward to your winter house in Florida?

It’s that time of the year again when we plan to leave the frigid northern temperatures behind in favor of moving south for the winter months.  And while you may be handy with the packing list, there are a few other things to keep in mind when preparing to leave your current abode for the cold season.  Our professionals at Best Moving have been expertly assisting families and individuals for decades and can facilitate your moving to Naples.  Let their skilled staff coordinate your transfer so you can dedicate your time to more enjoyable things.

Show your current home some love before saying “hasta-la-vista”!

While you may be itching to simply get away from the cold and embark on your annual ritual of moving to Naples, keep in mind that the home you so thoroughly enjoy during the summer months will benefit from proper preparations before you depart.  Below are some helpful tips on what to do so that you can enjoy your home upon returning…without dealing with nasty surprises!

  • Home insurance/security:
  • Check your coverage and clauses relating to absences from the home
  • Provide a local contact in case of emergency or alarm tripping
  • House checker/sitter:
  • A trusted friend or family member can keep an eye and check regularly
  • Do consider a sitter if you’re away for many weeks or months
  • Inform trusted neighbor (s) of your absence (consider allowing them

to park their car in your driveway to help with a “lived-in” look)

  • Provide emergency contact numbers and how you can be reached
  • Digital assistance:
  • Take advantage of smart applications that allow you to control lights,

thermostats, lamps, your doorbell, etc, with your phone.

  • Don’t “announce” your absence online (or on social media)
  • Other preparations:
  • Limit electrical plug-ins to fridge and freezer (unless someone sits full-time)
  • Leave the heat on (rely on electrical company’s suggested temp)
  • Inform suppliers (electrical, gas, etc) and get tips for long absences
  • Re-route mail (or get sitter/neighbour to mail to you in batches)

Found these helpful?  Best Moving can provide many more important suggestions to give you peace of mind when you are moving to Naples.  They have skilled customer care specialists who will answer your questions and give you invaluable assistance with a moving plan.  Call today for a hassle-free estimate!