The Right Way to Pack Fragile Boxes – Tips From Moving Companies in Naples, FL

The Right Way to Pack Fragile Boxes – Tips From Leading Moving Companies in Naples, FL


As one of the leading moving companies in Naples, FL, our experts are well-versed in the proper way to pack boxes. However, many people who take on the monumental task of packing their entire home own their own feel like their way over their heads. Often, whether it’s to get through the job as fast as possible or due to a genuine misunderstanding of the basics of packing, families end up boxing up their stuff haphazardly. As such, to avoid breakage and damage, our Best Moving pros have come up with the following simple guidelines.

Crumpled Paper. For added protection between items that are boxed, insert crumpled paper, as it provides excellent cushioning and support for breakable items. However, don’t overpack the boxes, instead of leaving them with a small air gap near the lid.

Tape, Tape, Tape! Don’t rely on folded lids to keep everything safe and sound. Use as much tape as you need to close the box, ensuring the container remains sturdy.

Label Everything. Using label stickers and a black Sharpie, label every single box, indicating what items are packed inside. Also, markdown what room the box should go into your new location.

Mark Fragile Items. If the items placed away are fragile, make sure to mark them as so in clear, large letters on the boxes. To make the loading process easier for your movers, group the boxes with the fragile items together in one spot.

The Shaker Test. A quick, little test to see if your items are well-packed is dubbed the shaker test. Simply give the box a gentle shake. If you hear a lot of shifting or clinking inside, reopen the container and add more crumpled paper. Although moving trucks have ample suspension, a single pothole or bumpy road can cause the load to shift – and inadequately packed items to bump into other things, causing breakage or damage.

What’s the best way to prevent your belongings from getting damaged on the road? The answer is by hiring one of the leading moving companies in Naples, FL – that’s us at Best Moving! Contact us today if you need help with a local, interstate or overseas transfer.