Packing a Kids Room

Tips for Packing a Kids Room Quickly and Easily

Tip 1: Have kids involved in the packing process

Include your children in the packing process. It makes them feel more in control and lessens the perception that everything is accelerating. Getting the kids involved in the packing process can take longer, but it will be well worth it when it comes to a child’s room. Allow them to assist in organizing the items in their room while discussing what they might want to donate, keep, or discard. Younger children might require a lot of supervision during this process, and you might find that you are packing more while they play nearby, but it still benefits them to feel involved.

Tip 2: Pack their toys in an organized manner

It might be tempting to simply put the toys in a box and cross your fingers. However, don’t be shocked if pieces are lost, or toys are damaged. Instead, take the time to wrap action figures and barbies. Make sure older children are wrapping their belongings—likely mostly electronics—the same way you would wrap your expensive electronics.

Tip 3: Declutter!

Decluttering should be a crucial component of any move, but it’s especially important when moving with children. When packing a child’s room, it may be necessary to search through their closets for outgrown clothes and shoes, toss broken games and toys, and determine whether there are any items that the child no longer wants. It is best to carry out this process in front of the children so they can participate.