Must Have Moving Supplies in Naples, FL

5 Must-Have Moving Supplies in Naples, FL

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While tape might be cheap at the dollar store and boxes free at the grocery store, we always recommend against these options. That’s because moving supplies need to be good quality in order to withstand moving, stacking, and long-haul transport. In the end, what you need is reliable, quality materials – not something low-grade that will break when you need it most.

At Best Moving, we suggest purchasing your moving supplies from a dependable retailer, be it in-store or online. Or, if you’re not sure who to trust, our professionals will be more than happy to deliver our premium-grade supplies directly to you.

No clue what materials to buy? Check out the following list of 5 must-have moving supplies, so you get an idea of what you’ll need for your upcoming relocation.

  1. Bubble Wrap
Great for packing fragile items or delicate valuables, bubble wrap is simple to use and comes in several formats. From long and thick sheets to smaller, serrated pages, bubble wrap does have a ton of uses.
  1. Black Sharpies
Permanent markers in black ink like Sharpies are definitely a must-have item for people who are packing. Use them to write signs with directions for the movers if you won’t be around, label boxes that are fragile, or draw arrows to display which side of the box should be facing upwards.
  1. Boxes
Quality moving boxes are a real lifesaver when preparing for your big day. The vast majority of your household belongings can easily, safely go into boxes. As they’re tough and durable, they can hold a fair amount of weight, so you can use them to pack bedding, clothes, small appliances, canned food, utensils, and a whole lot of other things. They’re also available in a wide assortment of sizes, which really comes in handy.
  1. Stretch Plastic Wrap
What is essentially a giant roll of saran wrap, plastic stretch wrap is great when it comes to wrapping large objects to prevent damage or contain smaller items within the piece. For instance, you can use this wrap around a dresser to keep the drawers from spilling its contents.
  1. Heavy-Duty Packaging Tape

Whatever you do, don’t skimp on tape for your packing your stuff – you’ll regret it when the bottoms of your boxes fly open. Only use heavy-duty tape, adding generous amounts to the sides of boxes in a criss-cross pattern to reinforce the structure.

At Best Moving, we’re here for you on your big day! Give us a call today for more information on our various relocation packages.