Movers in Naples, FL Share Tips on Organizing Your Kitchen

As you scan the seemly endless sea of moving boxes at your new home, you can’t help but feel overwhelmed. While at first unpacking may seem like such a monumental task, we’ll help you organize your home efficiently in no time – starting with the kitchen! When you unpack this essential room first, you’ll be able to feed the hungry masses, so everyone has the energy to organize their new place. Thanks to our movers in Naples, FL, we’ve come up with the following sure-fire, effective advice to organize the heart of your home – your kitchen.

Organize your Kitchen After a Move with These Great Tips From Movers in Naples, FL

Simplify unpacking with labeling

Labeling simplifies the move-in process by a trillion percent! With clear, detailed labels that were affixed during packing, you’ll know where every single box belongs. Now, that makes organizing your entire life super straightforward and infinitely less stressful.

Begin by cleaning the kitchen

Unfortunately, no matter how well you plan a move in advance, your new home can get dirty. Before putting everything away where it belongs, take some time to clean up the kitchen. Start with the cupboards, counters, and drawers, but leave the floors for last since they’re bound to get messy again.

Figure out where everything goes before unpacking

Before actually unpacking everything, figure out where you want to place the items. This avoids having tons of stuff scattered throughout every surface of the kitchen. Plus, it greatly speeds up the unpacking in general if you come up with a plan and stick to it.

Stock up the pantry

Place dry goods immediately away in the pantry. You want to stock this space with food so you can easily access it when you need to cook meals. Setting up the pantry quickly means you won’t waste time trying to hunt down items. Plus, the more organized your pantry is, the more room you’ll have to work with.

Keep a checklist

Keep a master checklist that tells you where items are in the kitchen for the first few weeks. That means to write down which utensils are located in which drawer, what dry food is stored in the pantry, and other such inventory to simplify your life.

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