Local Movers Share Tips on Coping With Moving Stress

5 Tips on Coping with Moving Stress From Local Naples Movers

Studies show that moving is by far one of the most stress-inducing events in our lives. Of course, is it really a surprise? We uproot our families, say goodbye to friends and neighbors, and replant ourselves in an entirely new place. It’s incredibly challenging, so how can we better cope in these situations? Thanks to our movers at Best Moving and Storage, you can beat the burnout with the following 5 tips on coping with stress.

1 – Keep it Positive

Keep your mindset as positive as you can, as it often dictates your mood levels. If you consider your upcoming move to be the worst thing ever, then likely, it will be. Instead, look at the experience in another light, one that transforms it into something more of an adventure.

2 – Get to Know your New Neighborhood

Ahead of your big transition, get to know your new neighborhood. Use the Internet’s seemingly unlimited power to research favorite places like coffee shops, museums, or workout centers. Check out what’s happening in the local newspaper. Make a list of interesting places to visit and restaurants to enjoy.

3 – Reduce Stress by Staying Organized

What’s your best tool to avoid getting stressed over the move? The answer: organization. Well ahead of your relocation, gather supplies and start your packing. That way you’ll feel on top of everything and in control of your situation. Make a list of what you want to sell and what you want to donate. If you’re enlisting professional movers, now’s the time to book them.

4 – Use Premium Grade Supplies

Although it may be tempting to grab free boxes at the grocery store, they’re actually not your best option. Used cardboard boxes may not be structurally sound enough to keep your items safe. Therefore, if you can afford it, opt for premium grade supplies from your movers.

5 – Aim to Unpack Quickly

Settle in sooner when your goal is to unpack quickly. Obviously, you may not be up for it the moment you arrive. But, don’t delay it for too long, you don’t want to live in clutter and become stressed. The sooner you get back to your regular routine, the sooner you can begin your new chapter and feel like yourself again.
Looking for help with your next move? Give us a call at Best Moving and Storage – we guarantee a seamless, stress-free relocation.