Local Movers in Naples, FL Share Tips on Packing Properly

How to Pack Liquids Properly for a Relocation

The truth is, it’s never advisable to move liquids, as they can cause a great deal of damage – not to mention, a giant mess – should they spill. As professional movers in Naples, FL, our Best Moving team has seen our fair share of fluid mishaps. With ever-changing speeds and directions, moving trucks create a constantly shifting zone. It’s simply not an ideal place to put liquids. However, the fact of the matter is, there are plenty of times where clients need to move their entire household, including certain fluids. To prevent spillage and an enormous disaster – as well as, consequently, a huge headache – we have a few tips on how to pack liquids properly for transport.

Yes, You Can Pack These Liquids.

Ideally, containers that are factory-sealed should be the only things on a moving truck. Additionally, they should be protected with extra padding, to avoid breakage. However, as long as you stick to certain guidelines, it is possible to transfer liquids that are not factory-sealed safely. To do so, tape the caps of these bottles securely with tape to the base of the bottle, then place it in a plastic bag – the kind that allows you to seal it. Add a generous amount of padding around the bottle, packing it in a sturdy box, though ideally a crate. Make sure the item has enough padding so that it doesn’t move around freely. Use this method for other types of liquids, like cooking oils, liquids soaps or gels.

No, You Can’t Pack These.

Some liquids are simply too dangerous to move. In general, movers in Naples, FL will refuse to transport potentially explosive or flammable products – and for good reason. Typically, items such as oxygen tanks, gasoline, and other car fluids, propane, paint, and paint thinners are forbidden on the trucks. If the substances pose a high risk or are corrosive, potentially causing harm or damage to its surroundings, then it shouldn’t be packed on the truck.

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