How to Prepare a Dishwasher for a Long-Distance Move

If you currently have a dishwasher in your home, then you’re likely going to bring it with you when you move. However, this appliance will require extra forethought, since it’s a bit more complicated to transfer than a stack of books or a couch. Wondering what steps are necessary? Read on to get detailed guidance from our long-distance movers on how to safely prepare your dishwasher for transportation.

Turn Off the Water and Power

According to our savvy long-distance movers, the first thing you’ll need to do is turn off the water supply and electricity to the unit. Once you’ve switched off the main water valve and power breaker, you’ll also need to shut off the water supply tap that hooks directly to the dishwater, which is normally under the kitchen sink.

Disconnect the Appliance

Now that the water and power are off, you can start disconnecting the unit. First, disconnect the drainage pipe by using a wrench. Loosen the connection fittings, ensuring there is a bucket under the pipe to collect water. Next, disconnect the power cable.

Detach the Unit from the Counter

Normally, dishwashers are secured to the countertop to keep them from shifting around. Locate these screws and remove them with a screwdriver. Place the screws in a plastic Ziploc so they don’t get misplaced.

Pull the Dishwasher Out

Now that your unit is no longer attached to anything, it’s time to pull it out, away from the wall. However, make sure to go through this process slowly so as not to snag the drainage pipe, water supply, and power supply. Start by pulling out the appliance carefully, bit by bit. Once the pipes and cords come out, release them by pulling on them slowly via their designated holes.

Wrap the Appliance for Shipping

Once your appliance is finally completely disconnected, it’s time to wrap it up for shipping. This step is important to avoid any dents or damage. Before wrapping it, secure the door shut with packaging tape. Any loose wires, pipes or cords should also be held in place with electrical tape. Now, wrap the dishwasher with moving blankets or bubble wrap. Lastly, use more packaging tape to secure the protective padding in place.

Wouldn’t You’d Rather the Pros Move your Dishwasher?

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