How To Pack Fragile Items – Tips From Movers in Fort Myers

The Basics About Packing Fragile Items – Tips From Movers in Fort Myers

How to pack fragile items is always a big worry for people who are moving. In fact, the amount of anxiety can be so overwhelming that you may even want to put off packing these pieces until the very last minute. Will your delicate glass sculptures make it to your new home in one piece? Is there a wrong way of wrapping your priceless porcelain china? At Best Moving, our professional movers in Fort Myers, FL have handled all sorts of breakable objects, and as such, are well-versed in the proper way to pack valuables. Find out how you should wrap, box, and crate your breakables with the following guidelines.

Fragile Items that are Small

When it comes to packing fragile pieces, don’t forgo quality moving supplies. Ultimately, those free boxes you get at the grocery store can cost you a pretty penny in the long run. That’s because, as they’re used, their structural integrity is compromised. Once you’ve acquired new, quality boxes, wrap your delicate items in bubble wrap. Prevent friction between pieces by stacking things that fit together like plates and cups. Avoid overfilling the box – leave a bit of space near the top and edges to fill in with additional packaging materials, to provide a safety buffer. That way, your pieces won’t shift while in route, potentially causing breakage.

Fragile Items that are Large

Larger items that don’t fit into boxes require a different approach. Instead, padded moving blankets, and other materials of the sort, provide protection. Furniture, glass tables, and mirrors, for instance, would benefit from this extra coverage, to make sure nothing is scratched or damaged in transport. Custom-built wood crates are another option that ensures larger, fragile pieces are secured.

Avoid Breakage by Hiring the Pros

Undoubtedly, the best way to prevent damage is to hire professional movers in Fort Myers, FL. Not only to they have years-worth of knowledge in the transport industry, thus a keen understanding of how to pack breakable items properly, but they can also provide you with premium supplies at a reduced price. Opt for a full-service moving plan that includes packing, or simply select the individual services that you require.

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