How to Pack for Your First Move

Packing for Your First Move

Moving for the first time is exciting, especially with your newly discovered independence! You can now spend your life in anyway you want. However, you must first complete the move! At Best Moving and Storage, we’ll help you pack so you can approach your first move with confidence and excitement.

Prepare Ahead of Time

Starting early on your planning and packing lessens the stress of moving. Although you’ll still be in your current home, there are certain things you could pack first; furniture, athletic equipment, seasonal clothing, and any small appliances or dishes. You almost definitely have more kitchenware than you need, so that can be packed early as well. Packing efficiently allows you to work your way up from the least-used to the most-used items. As the big day comes, keep a few empty boxes on hand for the finishing touches.


It’s a good opportunity to get rid of things you don’t need while preparing for a move. Examine your belongings to see if you still need them. Sort them into garbage, sale, and donation bins. Allow plenty of time whether you use Facebook Marketplace or a consignment store because even though it is profitable, it takes a long time. To find out when you can deliver your donations, contact the facility in your area. Spend less time traveling and donate your stuff right the first time at one of the many donation centers that provide hours of operation as well as instructions on how to do it.

Gather Packing Material

Packing materials help to make moving easier and to protect breakables. Don’t stuff your things into pillowcases and lug books around on your arm. Place everything in its proper place and keep moving boxes on hand. Boxes are reusable and are available at grocery stores, bookstores, and bars. Labeling, taping, and cushioning fragile things with newspaper and bubble wrap is critical. Organize and compress your goods ahead of time, so you know what to bring.


Most moving time is spent packing, and you’ll almost certainly have to pack a lot of small items. Specific packing materials are not required, other items can store your belongings. Decorations and glassware can be stored in towels, socks, rags, and other linens.

Clothes should be packed in a suitcase or drawers, and blankets and pillows wrapped in durable plastic bags to save space. They could easily fit between the crevices of moving automobiles. Books, for example, should be put in smaller cartons to make them easier to handle.

Label all cartons, bags, and containers, so you always know what goes where. Unpacking will be faster if you unload the moving truck into the appropriate rooms. Moving and unpacking will be less stressful if you have a plan.

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