Let Our Movers in Bonita Springs Help Declutter Your Closet

As the leading movers in Bonita Springs, FL, our team at Best Moving and Storage understands very well how relocating your entire family can be a real stressor. The list of things you absolutely need to do just goes on and on: hire professional movers, pack up the house, finalize the mortgage, and clean upwards, among many other things, of course.

Nonetheless, transferring to a new home does indeed present you with the unique opportunity to better your life in many ways. One of these ways is decluttering your closets. While moving does force you to spend time going through spaces you’d rather ignore, it also gives you the chance to purge and simplify your life.

Let Our Movers in Bonita Springs Help Declutter Your Closet

Start decluttering your home closets by following these 4 simple (yet pretty awesome) steps from our movers in Bonita Springs, FL.

Schedule declutter time

First, schedule the time to declutter and mark it on your calendar. Make sure not to skip this step, because if it’s not written somewhere, you’re likelier to put off doing it altogether.

Use the “hanger trick” – 4 Simple Steps to Purge your Closet

Here’s a simple trick to give you a clear picture of what clothes you regularly use and what rarely gets worn.

  • Turn all your hangers to face the opposite way about three months before your move.
  • Go about your business – don’t give the hangers a second thought right now.
  • When you reach for an item on a hanger, add it back to the closet after wearing it but now hang it up on a hanger that’s been turned the usual way (facing the way you would normally hang them before this little trick started).
  • After three months, once it’s about time to start packing your clothes for the move, pull out all the hangers that now face the original or “normal” way. These are the clothes you should pack immediately as they’re part of your everyday wardrobe.

Sell or Give Away

Everything else that’s left hanging backward is rarely or never used since it hasn’t been worn in over three months. Go through these clothes and figure out what to keep and what to give away. If you still have a bit of time before moving day, then you can have a garage sale and sell clothes and other things you no longer want or need.

Otherwise, you can give your items away to friends or family, or donate them to a local Salvation Army, Goodwill center or a homeless shelter. Not only will your home feel less cluttered and it will be easier to pack, but you’ll also feel good about giving to those in need.

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