Best Questions to Ask Moving Companies

Important Questions to Ask Moving Companies

Finding out what one of the reputable packing and moving companies in the Naples, FL. area has to offer is one of the most crucial steps if you’re moving your home or office.

To evaluate whether a moving company is a good fit for you, you must first ask a few important questions:  
  • In the event of an accident, does the business have property insurance?
  • Are the staff members of the business trained and experienced?
  • Can the business provide reviews from previous, comparable transactions?

    There are additional crucial questions to ask besides these fundamental ones to estimate costs.


    First and foremost, it’s important to ask whether the quoted price for the services is final, i.e., whether it won’t change, barring the addition of new operations or activities. If an estimate isn’t final, the cost might go up or down depending on how much transport and other services will weigh the day of the actual move. Also, find out if the quote is free or part of the estimate.

    Not to mention, it’s crucial to know in advance how long the move will take. Moving between cities could require several days. You, as a customer, must be aware that additional fees might be applied for short-term storage or other expenses that might occur during this time.