A Guide To Moving Seniors

Whether seniors are moving into a new home for their retirement or moving into another type of situation like an assisted living facility there are some things that you can do to make the transition easier for the seniors in your life. Always remember that the transition to a new home is difficult for everyone and that good communication will go a long way towards making the move easier. You should also:

Encourage Downsizing

If seniors have been living in their current home for a long time they probably have decades worth of clutter and possessions to sort through. Encourage them to downsize and only take the things that are very important to them. The process of sorting through their belongings can take a long time to it’s best to get started as soon as the move starts being planned. That way they have time to go through boxes, closets, and storage bins and decide what to keep and what to throw away, give away, or sell. If your senior loved ones are really having trouble downsizing suggest that they get a storage unit for items that can’t make the move to the new home but that they aren’t ready to get rid of.

Make Memories Portable

One of the biggest problems seniors have with downsizing is that they don’t want to let go of items that have real sentimental attachment. But, in most cases seniors are moving because they no longer want the hassle of maintaining a large family home so they need to get rid of a lot of their stuff to fit into a more manageable home. The solution is to make their memories portable and easy to move and store. That could mean putting all of those old family photos in albums instead of storing them in cardboard boxes. Or it could mean digitizing photos, books, old greeting cards, and other items in photos or videos so that the actual items can be thrown away but your senior loved ones will be able to look at them in photos or videos whenever they want.

Stress The Advantages Of Moving

You can keep your loved ones focused on the excitement of a new home by continually reminding them of the advantages of their new home. Maybe it’s smaller so it will be less work to take care of. Or maybe it has fantastic neighborhood amenities like walking trails, a pool, a community center, or a gold course. Being reminded that their new home will be more convenient, more luxurious, and better suited to their lifestyle as they get older should help keep seniors from becoming depressed about leaving their home.

Hire Professional Movers

Moving will run a lot more smoothly if you hire professional movers. Hire a full service moving company and let them pack up and load your senior loved ones items at their old home and unpack them at the new home. The best way to make sure that moving day doesn’t deteriorate into fights and tears and bad feelings is to let professionals do the actual move.